Abbie Skull Mounts of Memphis, TN

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       WHO WE ARE                                                                       
                                     Abbie Skull Mounts of Memphis, TN 
                            Professional Skull Cleaning / European Mounts 
                                          Licensed Tennessee Taxidermist

       Hello and thank you for visiting our site!  Over the years we have developed hundred's of clients and many new referrals as our skull mounts continue to become more popular than ever before. We are in the Memphis area and are one of the largest skull cleaners in the this part of the country.  With increasing interest in trophy mounts, hunters are looking for a lower cost option in preserving the memory of the hunt.  Skull mounts fill that void and are the fastest growing trend in trophy mounts for those deer not being considered for shoulder mounts. We specialize in the cleaning and bone preservation of your skulls and the creation of a fantastic mount. We are on leading edge of latest trends in skull preservation and conveniently located in East Memphis. With our service you no longer have to "just cut the antlers off". We make it easy to turn that nice trophy buck into great mount and do all skull work.   Remember, anything you hunt or trap can be preserved as a skull mount and are fantastic compliments to your shoulder mounts.

 With 25+ yrs experience, having this option makes your decision extremely easy one to have ASM professionally create a beautiful skull mount for you. Your trophy comes back to you in fantastic, bone-white skull on vintage, re-claimed barnwood or several other mount options that are included in the price.  Some bring in their own wood or ideas and we also offer two different metal hangers.  We only do skulls and take great pride in our work
. When you come to the shop we will talk about your deer and what wood or bracket we might use.  Once your skull is done you will come back to shop and we'll spend some time to pick out what's best for your mount.   We do a lot of national work and shipping is encouraged. We can do any size orders and have worked w/ schools, museums and even props for movie sets.
 Our process includes **NO boiling, bleaching, or painting of your skulls**  All intensive steps are taken to ensure your mount is perfect and all work is 100% guaranteed.. Many pictures, references, and skulls in shop are available at anytime and every mount is treated like our own.. You would be hard pressed to find a cleaner, whiter, more well preserved skull than the way we do it and that is why we have so many repeat clients, both local and nationwide.
Many methods are used in attempting to create skull mounts and a lot of these methods most often have negative effects on skulls and antlers. Yellowing, cracking, severe bone/antler deterioration, and premature aging are some of the side effects. Our process includes degreasing, whitening, and sealing steps that are critical in our skull mounts. Our skulls are guaranteed WHITE with no grease spots.  Our turnaround time on your skull is about 4 weeks.. 


**Whitetail Deer $115..includes barnwood or bracket**
- All Bears  $100
- Hog  $125
- Coyote, Fox, Bobcat, Beaver, Otter,  $50
- Doe Skull w/ lower jaw - $65
- Mountain Lion $95
- Elk $200
- Mule Deer $125
- Javelina  $110
- Wolf - $95
- Alligator - $155
- Exotic game, including African animals please contact for pricing.
- There are MANY, MANY others, please talk with us on pricing.     
                 ***All skulls can preserved***

ANTLER Mounts - $30 per mount

Please cut deer few inches below skull and we take care of everything else..either freeze head or pack in ice if you can't get it to us in short time and in about a month you will have a beautiful skull mount ready to hang on the wall.  Please feel free to email or call w/ any questions, thoughts, ideas, etc.  Hope you have very prosperous hunting season and we are available anytime.. 

* Please give us a shout and we look forward to meeting you..come by the shop anytime and let's talk.  Let us help you start your collection on all skulls.*
Shipping is possible and encouraged on most skulls

Abbie Skull Mounts - Memphis, TN


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